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The loss of a pet can be a devastating event. Many people have a difficult time coping with the grief that comes from losing a beloved pet. This situation can be especially difficult for children because the loss of a childhood pet may be the child's first experience with death. There are many resources available to help cope with the grief, but perhaps one of the most important steps in the grieving process is the funeral of your furry companion. Funerals provide pet owners with closure, help children to realize that their pet is gone forever, and give you the opportunity to honour your beloved friend and say goodbye.

There are a number of different ways to host an appropriate pet funeral. First, you must purchase a final resting place for your beloved friend. There is a wide range of options for your pet's final resting place. Some people bury their pet, and if this is your wish, you should choose a place in your yard that your pet especially loved to be. Perhaps your pet had a favourite spot under a tree, or at the edge of your yard, and it will be comforting to you and your family to know that he or she is resting comfortably forever in their favourite spot. After you have chosen that special resting place, you will want to be sure to commemorate it using one of many fine pet grave markers. The grave marker will allow you and your family members to visit with the pet on a regular basis.

Others prefer not to bury their pets, but to cremate them instead. After cremating your pet, you will want to find a special way to keep their ashes with you. There are many different pet urns, so owners of pets of all sizes can find the appropriate resting place for their pets. You may want to choose a pet urn that is larger than necessary, so you can include a favourite toy, collar or leash with your pets ashes. Pet ashes can be kept indoors, or perhaps outside under a pet's favourite tree if you select a pet urn that is safe to withstand the elements.

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After you have selected your pet's final resting place, you may want to have a brief funeral ceremony for your pet. You and your family members can come together at the location where your pet's grave will be or where your pet's urn will be kept. Everyone can share a favourite memory about your beloved pet, or tell a humorous story about a funny moment you and your companion shared. Telling these stories is a great way to remember happier times with your pet, so you can begin to move through the sadness of your loss.

A written pet memorial can serve as your final tribute to your lost pet. This process, of writing about what made your pet special to you, is another way to remember the good times you and your pet shared. The lasting tribute will help you to provide closure, and to remember your pet always. It may be a comfort to you to know that although your pet is gone, he or she will never be forgotten.


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Colleen Mihelich: Owner, Peternity . . . honouring your pet for eternity


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