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For all you animal lovers out there, the loss of a pet is one of the hardest things to cope with. And so many non animal lovers just don't understand the hurt and emotions that we go through when one of our beloved pet departs this world.

My husband and I lost our beloved cat and it felt as if we had lost a child, there is no other way I can describe it, it seemed as if nothing else mattered in our world. And I am not one of those people who has animals instead of children, I do have children and grandchildren who I love dearly but I also loved my cat dearly too.

You have to ignore the sniggers from others because they think you are mad, but you know that you have loved and cared for one of God's creatures to the best of your ability and should feel proud of that fact and also that you are a more caring person than your non animal lover counter part.

It is up to you to do everything you can to get through your loss, there aren't many understanding people around who will help you. Close friends and family are usually quite good if they have pets themselves as they will understand some of your pain.

Allow yourself to grieve and allow enough time to grieve, take time off work, take time out, sort through your photos of your pet, plan a remembrance day and this can be just you and your memories, have a remembrance item made there are loads to choose from online, there are pet crematoriums or a pet cemetery, do whatever you need to do or what you think will help you and don't worry what other people will think. This is your grieving time, allow yourself to do it.

Don't hide your grief. I have a relative who was told the awful news that her cat had cancer and the kindest option was to put the cat to sleep. This lady couldn't bring herself to be with her cat in its final moments because she was worried about what people would think of her if she cried in public. I think this is so sad where we live in a society where we worry so much what other people will think of us. Grief, no matter who its for, should be an emotion we don't have to hide.

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Like any other loss you don't ever get over it but you do get through it and it does becomes easier to cope with. I found it very difficult to think of all the good times with out cat when he had been so ill and all I could think about was memories of him being ill. But no that some time has passed I have moved on from that and can think about all the fun memories I have, I think about all the funny little things he used to do and how much he made us laugh.

So please don't beat yourself up, I promise you it does get easier with time. As they say time is a great healer and it is but you also have to help yourself. It is so important to heal your heart when you are grief striken, if the grief doesn't come out it will transpire into something else which you don't want. So for goodness sake please allow yourself to GRIEVE for the sake of your health.


About the Author:

Christine Bowyer


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