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When it comes to planning a pet memorial service for your pet, you may find it to be one of the most difficult challenges of your life. Pet loss is extremely hard; more so than people realize until they are forced to experience it for themselves. There are many things to consider, such as what to do with your pet's remains, whether or not to plan a burial or memorial service and how to process your grief surrounding your loss.

If you are planning a memorial service, you will need to consider the best way to mark the grave where your pet is being laid to rest. Many people opt to include a pet memorial grave marker to mark the grave site of their beloved pet. However, how do you choose among the various pet memorial grave markers and how do you know which is going to be best for you?

Pet memorial grave markers are available in a wide variety of types of stone: marble, granite, river rock, flagstone, slate, quartz and bluestone, to name a few. All of these materials are durable, engrave beautifully and make excellent choices for a pet grave marker. The beauty of a pet grave marker is that each material has it is characteristics and personality, just as your pet did. Choose the stone type that appeals to you most and that will compliment the setting in which it will be placed.

In terms of appearance, style or feeling, there are really two ways to go - you have the more traditional, formal stones like marble and granite which have very smooth surfaces, versus the natural stone choices like flagstone, bluestone, slate, river rock and quartz, which have a more casual feel.

Marble and granite come in a wide variety of colours from white to green, to grey, burgundy and black. Black granite is the only stone type on which you can have a photograph of your pet engraved. A photograph makes the pet headstone even more personal.

If you are burying your pet in a pet cemetery you need to ask the cemetery administrators what types of pet memorial grave markers they allow. Often they only allow certain stone types, shapes and size, and may also require you to have the plot number engraved in a specific location on the stone.

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Once you decide on a material and colour, consult with the company from which you are purchasing the grave marker regarding the inscription and art you want to include on the stone. They will be able to provide you with details about what layouts are possible and how much text and graphics you can fit on your pet grave marker. For example, river rock has the most limited engraving space because it is not a flat surface, but rather a very round stone.

While there is much weighing on your mind in when dealing with something so tragic as pet loss, it will provide you great comfort to know that you are honouring the memory of your pet and what they brought into your life by creating a beautiful, unique and magnificent pet memorial marker that you can visit and reflect on for many years to come.


About the Author:

Colleen Mihelich: Owner, Peternity . . . honouring your pet for eternity



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