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Have you ever lost a pet that you loved more than anything you can think of? I'm sure many of you reading this have. I have. And, when it happened to me I knew I didn't want to just bury him in the back yard. Burying them in the back yard is not always an option anyway, particularly if you live in a city or you plan to move in the future. I wanted the passing of my beloved friend to be honoured and remembered, something special and more thoughtful then a hole in the yard. So what can you do to make their passing special? There are pet cemeteries but they can be quite costly. And, should you move to a new town travelling back to see your loved one can be time consuming. However, there are other options. I think pet urns are a wonderful solution to this dilemma. Today, cremation is becoming more and more of a viable and acceptable way to celebrate one's passing. With a cremation urn a family can take there beloved animal friend from one place to the other with ease. With unique pet urns, you have several more options as to where you place the remains of your loved one.

Cremation urns have come a long way since the days of porcelain jars. Now a days, urns are being made of sculpted wood, blown glass, hand crafted ceramic, fabricated metals and other materials. You no longer have to get an urn that looks like any other vessel at an everyday store. Instead you can get one of a kind art urns. Something that expresses the unique character on your loved one. These beautiful, one of kind urns are truly art. They can be placed on your mantle with distinction, something pleasurable to look at. Also, urns can be place outside should you care to have some kind of alter or memorial area in your yard. With decorative cremations urns you have the ability to move the urn to where you want as many times as you need to.

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I found one of the interesting options to be glass. With blown glass urns the ashes of you loved one can actually be used in the glass. This would also the remains to always be with you. There would be no worrying about spilling or moisture. The essence would always be safe and preserved in the glass itself. With the blown glass option you can also do keepsakes such as "paper weights" beads, pendants and other items. This way if several people wanted to have something to remember the passed loved one it would be easy to give them all pendants with some of the remains captured in the glass.

In the end it is still a hard decision. Whether you choose to have a burial in the back yard, or at a pet cemetery, or in a funeral urn on your mantle the choices are out there. Personally, I like the artists cremation urns. The blown glass is really something else. No one has to know what is in it. To causal friends that come over it is just another piece of beautiful art in my home. But to me and my family it is a memorial to our passed friend I'm glad there are options because what is right for one family is not always right for another.


About the Author:

Jack Moe has over one million words in print in online journals, web magazines and traditional magazine and newspaper publications. He has a Masters in Journalism.


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