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Many times we are tempted to gloss over the loss of a pet as if we should somehow be less grieved for our animal companions than we are for our human ones. In fact, our pets resemble our children more than you might at first think. Both are reliant on us for food, for care, for affection. Both give love unreservedly and whole-heartedly. And most importantly both children and pets fill the corners of our lives - filling our houses with noise, activity, fun and physical tokens of affection. The loss of this kind of daily interaction can be devastating and leave us feeling a huge hole in our lives.

The process of grieving the loss of a pet should allow you to acknowledge the loss, to celebrate the joy brought to your life by your furry companion and to find closure and move on to life without them. Like the grieving process for friends or family, there are stages of grief and you should be able to move through those stages and to find the healing you need. Express your grief. Allow your self time to cry, reflect and even scream if necessary.

After the hurt and perhaps even anger upon the loss of a pet you can begin the healing by sharing happy memories with friends and families. Telling happy stories of your time together will help you to remember the special times and to move past the immediate biting grief of death into nostalgic remembrance that will carry your memories of your beloved pet with you. At this point you might consider creating some kind of a memorial, a poem, a photograph or perhaps a piece of jewellery. These tokens will help you move on. Once you enter this new phase you will be able to carry on with your life taking happy memories with you.

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Although the loss of a pet is not equal to the loss of a child it still can be a devastating loss and one that requires a grieving process. The physical loss of a companion, an empty and silent house, the missing of physical comfort and cuddling are all hallmarks of this special kind of grief. The relationship between humans and their pets is also uncomplicated by animosity and resentments. Pets are forgiving and that sense of absolute acceptance colours our relationship with them and leads to a deep grief when we loose them.


About the Author:

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