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Planning a pet memorial service of any kind is difficult. After all, you are still reeling from the loss of a treasured friend and companion and can hardly figure out how to come to terms with that loss; much less figure out a way to memorialize the pet that meant so much to you. The situation can be made worse when there are kids involved as you must help them come to terms with the loss while dealing with your own grief.

However, planning a kid-friendly pet memorial service is one way to channel that grief into something positive. While many pet memorial services are meant to be austere and simple, letting your child infuse some childlike planning and creative input into the process of putting together a service might be the perfect way to help both of you overcome your grief about your pet loss.

When planning a kid-friendly pet memorial service, it's important to let your child have as much input as possible. Ask them to suggest some great snacks or food and beverage ideas. You might have a kids table for food and a grown-up table for the adults. If you are baking pet-themed treats, allow your child to help you in the kitchen, to ensure that they really feel part of the process. In terms of decorations or party favours, you might suggest that your child draws pictures of your deceased pet to represent what he or she meant to your family. This is always a good way to waylay grief as art therapy is a positive way to expel those feelings.

Purchase colourful, child-like supplies for the pet memorial and allow your child to decorate the room or area in which the service will be held. Together, plan for a celebration of your pet's life, trying to focus on all of the good times you had together and the positive ways your pet affected both and your family instead of the fact that they are gone.

Invite other children and ask them to come to the pet memorial service prepared to talk about their pet and why their pet means so much to them. Or ask a few of your child's closest friends to talk about their experiences with the family pet when visiting your home. Be sure to stress to your child that it's okay to express whatever emotion they are feeling during the pet memorial service --- regardless of whether it's happy or sad.

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By holding a pet memorial service and allowing your child to participate and really get involved in the planning process, you are in effect teaching them healthy ways to deal with children's pet loss grief. As they get older, they will understand the positive outlets in place to help them cope in times of death and these coping mechanisms will be even more pertinent should they ever have to suffer through a pet loss again. Pet memorials are the perfect way to assuage your pet loss grief while sharing with the world how much joy your pet brought to your lives and allowing your child to be part of that process is one of the best gifts you can give to them during such a trying time.


About the Author:

Colleen Mihelich Owner, Peternity . . . honouring your pet for eternity


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