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People have a special place in their heart for animals. They can be a nice fuzzy creature who curls up in your lap at days end. They might even be a close friend. Someone with a listening ear, and not much criticism. No matter how you look at it, people form close bonds with their pets. And when the loss of that pet happens they can go through a grieving process much like that of losing a family member.

It's important if you want to offer your support that you understand the grieving process and that you don't criticize their feelings, or lack of them in some cases. They have just lost a companion with whom they have shared many hours loving, and caring for. If you're at a loss for words, we are here to help.

Keep it genuine. Don't make fun of the person's sadness by trying to joke about the loss. It's best to say I'm so sorry you are hurting. Just as if you were trying to comfort a loved one as they grieved over a death of a family member, you can comfort them now. Be there to offer your shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to stories. Offer to find a memorial piece and have it engraved.

If you have a story to share about your personal loss of a pet let them know they are not alone. People sometimes feel embarrassed they are feeling such strong emotions over the death of a pet. They may try to dismiss it, even though their heart holds on. Having someone to talk to who has been there can give tremendous comfort. It helps them to deal with the loss and with their own emotions that rise up.

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Pets come and go in our lives. We know that we will out live the animal most of the time. However, it doesn't lessen the pain, and it doesn't lessen the amount of love we pour into their life while they are with us.


About the Author:

Pammy Brown is an author and contributor to Planet Gift Baskets, an industry leader in sympathy gifts and sympathy gift baskets. To learn more about showing sympathy towards others, visit our Sympathy & Grief Resource Center.


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